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Repeating Process By Timer

Level Beginner [2017-11-07 10:53:36] - by hillzx
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Sometimes we need the process to be repeated over and over again continuously. We can not put the program code in the OnTick module because the OnTick module is only executed when there is a price change, the best solution is to use the Timer Object.

There are 3 modules involved in creating Timer Objects:

  1. OnInit()
  2. OnDeinit()
  3. OnTimer()

OnInit, in this module timer is initialized, here we can specify how much delay the process will be repeated. For example EventSetTime (1) means the process will be repeated every 1 second.

OnDeinit, when timer is stopped, this module will be executed.

OnTimer, write any codes here, and it will be executed continuously when timer is enabled.


Timer is usually used to display the current clock / time, or count down something.

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