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Accepting Input

Level Beginner [2017-11-07 09:57:16] - by hillzx
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Previously we have learned about the variables in this article. These variables can actually be overridden / overwritten by user input. The way is quite easy, add the word "extern" in front of the initial data type.


// Contoh penulisan variable yang tidak menerima override
string nama;
int nomorsepatu;
bool menikah;
color warnarambut;
datetime tanggallahir;
double tinggibadan;

Next we add the word "extern" in front of initialization data type, it looks like below:


extern string nama;
extern int nomorsepatu;
extern bool menikah;
extern color warnarambut;
extern datetime tanggallahir;
extern double tinggibadan;

The result will be seen by right-clicking the chart select Expert Advisor-> Properties, or Indicators-> Edit menu, then select Inputs Tab, the variable will appear and can be overwritten by data from the user:



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