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MQL4 Language Introduction -

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MQL4 Language Introduction

Level Newbie [2017-11-02 12:39:45] - by hillzx
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Hello my fellow traders, if you click this page then I can conclude that you want to learn how to create indicators and expert advisor / EA (robot) for forex trading. No need to fear or worry even if you do not have the ability and experience related to the programming language. I will try to explain in detail and with a light explanation so please don't be stress :).

MQL4 is a programming language for Metatrader 4 trading applications. The MQL4 programming language comes from C language, C language is a popular language because there are so many variants, for example: PHP, JAVA, C ++, C # etc. This C language has several characteristics that become the basis, it is among others as follows:

1. Each of the C language formula is terminated by a "semicolon" or ";" sign. Notice the example below:

nama = "mas hil";


2. The C language is case sensitive, uppercase and small are distinguished, you have to be very extra careful. Notice the example below:

nama = "mas hil";

Print(Nama); // Ini akan error karena huruf "n" pada variable "nama" adalah huruf kecil


3. The procedure name ends with brackets "(" and ")" while the explanation / contents of the procedure are surrounded by curly braces "{" and "}". Notice the example below:

string tulishalo(){
Print("Halo sobat");


Congratulations! You finished the beginning. It's not too hard to understand right? So let's continue to next article!

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