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Level Beginner [2017-11-02 11:09:23] - by hillzx
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After the trader has an application or trading platform, the next step trader will definitely see the price on the screen / chart to do the analysis. There are several ways the price is displayed, the most popular way is to display the price with candlestick design.

Candlesticks are shaped like candle bars, sometimes accompanied by needles above and below. There are 4 components of a candlestick design called OHLC:

  1. O : Open
  2. H : High
  3. L : Low
  4. C : Close



Open means the opening of a price at a certain timeframe.



High means the highest price on a particular timeframe.



Low means the lowest price at a certain timeframe.



Close means the closing price at a certain timeframe.


Candlestick pattern can give meaning to trader, usually big candle or long needle indicating pressure or strong impulse. OHLC is often used in the manufacture of indicators or EA robots.

How to use is as follows:


Parameter : 
- Shift / Candle, 0 artinya candle sekarang, 1 artinya candle kedua dari kanan

The above code is used on current timeframe and current symbol (currency pair). Whereas if we want to retrieve data from a specific timeframe or currency pair and candle with a certain order we must use the following codes instead:


Parameter : 
- Symbol
- Period Timeframe
- Shift / Candle

Please note that price is a "Double" Data Type.

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