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Contract specification in forex trading

Tutorial Metatrader 4 [2017-10-29 20:09:10] - by hillzx
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In general, traders do not pay much attention to contract information in trading, so often arise questions related to Swap, Market Hours, Volume, etc. Often some difficult questions are raised such as:

  1. Actually how to calculate SWAP? Why sometimes we get swap minus, sometimes swap plus.
  2. Actually, what time does the market open and what time does the market close?
  3. Is my trading account 4 digits or 5 digits?
  4. Is my trading account a real account or a cent account (micro)?
  5. Actually how many minimum pips requirements to do PO (Pending Order) requested by the broker?
  6. What is the minimum and maximum lotsize allowed by the broker?

Actually very easy to answer the above question, how to right click on the Market Symbols and select the Specification menu.


spec 2

Informasi :


  • Spread: The choice of spread between floating and fixed
  • Digits: Account 4 digits or 5 digits
  • Stops Level: How much distance is allowed to install Pending Order
  • Contract Size: Usually a hundred-thousand contract is a real account, while a thousand contract is a cent or micro account
  • Minimum / Maximum Volume: Maximum and maximum lotsize
  • Swap Long: Swap costs when you buy
  • Swap Short: Swap cost if you sell


Contract conditions will vary depending on the time, type of market symbols, and brokerage policy, now you need not confuse again to the trading contract is not it?

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