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Market Symbol Management In Metatrader 4 -

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Market Symbol Management In Metatrader 4

Tutorial Metatrader 4 [2017-10-29 19:34:39] - by hillzx
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Market symbols in forex trading can be a currency pair such as AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD etc., can also be commodities such as Gold, Silver, and even cryptocurrency which is currently trending. Then how to display the symbol market we want? Because sometimes the market symbol or currency pair that we want does not appear on the screen. Here's how:

market 1


Do a right click in the Market Watch area, then select the Symbols menu.

market 2


Then select the desired symbol, then click the Show button or double click the mouse to make it more practical.

market 3


Tired of clicking one-on-one symbols? You can display all the symbols by selecting the Show All menu, then hide the unwanted pair by pressing the Delete key on the keyboard. Good luck!

market 4

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