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How to change Metatrader 4 Master Password And Investor Password -

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How to change Metatrader 4 Master Password And Investor Password

Tutorial Metatrader 4 [2017-10-29 13:40:16] - by hillzx
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Why do we need to change trading account password? There are several factors such as:

  1. Passwords are too hard to remember
  2. Passwords are too simple to guess
  3. Password has been leaked or publicly known
  4. Password wants to be changed periodically to increase security

If you have a clear reason to change the account password, then the execution is very easy to do, you just need to open the Metatrader application, search Tab Navigator, right click on the Account you want and select Change Password menu.

change 1


Next will appear column:

Current password = Please type the existing password

New password = Please type a new password

Confirm = Please type a new password (again to confirm)

There are 2 types of passwords: Master Password and Investor Password. Master Password is the primary password used for trading, while Investor Password is ReadOnly account (can not execute trade) which is only used to monitor trading activity only.

change 2


Note: Sometimes the broker asks for a complex password that is a combination of capital letters + lowercase + numbers.

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