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Connecting Metatrader 4 to brokers -

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Connecting Metatrader 4 to brokers

Tutorial Metatrader 4 [2017-10-29 12:34:45] - by hillzx
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Once the Metatrader 4 application is installed on the computer, the next step is to connect the application to a broker or broker. There are 4 components needed in this connection are:

  1. Username = user name
  2. Password = secret keywords
  3. Host server / IP = broker address in the form of domain or IP
  4. Port = access port number

Once you have the four components, we can connect, how to open the Metatrader application, right-click the Accounts menu in the Navigator tab area, then select the Open an Account menu.

konek 1


Then select the destination server, usually the broker server address is included in the email when you register the first account at the broker in question. If the broker address is not listed then you can type manually in the fields that have been provided below.

konek 2_2


Next, we assume you have received the account configuration from your broker, select the option Existing trade account, enter the username and password in the field provided. Then select Next button to continue. If you decide to practice trading using virtual money, please click on the New Demo Account option.

konek 3


If you select the New Demo Account menu, you can create as many accounts as possible with virtual money as you like. Demo account is suitable for those of you who still want to learn trading without having to think about the risk of loss.

 demo 4


If you have problems connecting, note the status bar in the lower right corner of your metatrader application. Here are some examples of statuses we often encounter:


No Connection: Connection is not connected, check your internet connection



Invalid account : Username atau password salah



This is an example when the connection is successfully connected, the status displays the bitrate transfer.



Why do we need a broker? This is because retail traders are not allowed to have direct access to the Bank.



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